RPG Rules

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RPG Rules

from Nadi-Chan on 11/12/2016 06:58 PM

Here are some tips and rules that you should know when you open a new RPG topic!

  1.  Mention if other people can join too! If you've only planned a RPG between you and your friends, please mention which People play in this RPG and say that others can't join.
  2. (Optional) Short overview at the beginning of which Akairavess play in the RPG and some informations about the Akairavess.
  3. (Optional) On which Continent starts the Story?
  4. Genre? Is it a romantic or action RPG? Or something else?
If you have any other ideas for rules or tips, please write below! ^_^

Heya, I'm Nadi-Chan!! I've created the species together with VeritasU! I hope you like this website. (^_^) Have lots of fun!!

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